Gynecologist Lars Alling Møller, Hellerup

21 95 40 40



2900 Hellerup

Bernstorffsvej 20, 3. sal



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In case you have a referral from a general practitioner, service is free of charge.

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Lars Alling Møller MD, phd, Associate professor. Lars Alling Møller is a gynecologist with a long clinical experience in gynecology from hospitals in Copenhagen area.

Ingrid Alling Møller is a nurse trained in cardiology and latest in surgery.

We are located at Bernstorffsvej 20, 2900 Hellerup. We recieve all gynaecologic patients, including patients refered from a general practitioner ("Sygesikringen") and private patients.

About the service

We diagnose and handle most gynecologic conditions like menstrual disorders, pelvic pain, cervical dysplasia, discharge, anticonception, urinary incontinence & prolapse etc.